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The smoothest smoke of your life

We'll guarantee it

"It's like inhaling a cloud!" ~ Molly


The science behind the best smoke.
How Does It Work?

Patented double chamber technology draws smoke up through 2L of ice water

Air tight seal means no smoke is wasted

The only bong with a silicone one-way valve that lets smoke in but won't let water out

Smoke herb through our custom ash catcher or dab concentrates with our attachable quartz banger and carb cap

5mm borosilicate glass and medical grade silicone

Each piece comes apart for worry free cleaning. Every sesh is like its first

Provides the traditional gravity style bong hit but with more filtration than the most expensive bongs out there

Blow your mind, don't fry your lungs!

Made for the smokers who know what they’re doing.
The patented lung action draws smoke efficiently and quickly
How It Works
Fill your water higher than the bowl

Custom content

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“The bong that puts you in the clouds”

Nik on Mar 19, 2019

“Fantastic customer service!!”

XDon Feb 06, 2019

“Awesome bong. Great customer service”

Darby Wood on Jan 22, 2019

“Best bong I’ve ever owned ”

Charlie Shaffe on Jan 22, 2019


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The Men Behind The Bong

The HighRise was started 3 years ago by 2 best friends who shared an idea and a passion for design and innovation. The idea was simple: figure out a better way to smoke. Here is their story...

"We spent countless hours poring through online forums and articles, trying to find out the things modern smokers liked and the things they disliked about various ways of smoking. Once we had identified what the majority of smokers wanted from their sessions and everything they didn't, we began building. Countless prototypes, missteps, and re-designs later we had a product that we knew was going to blow some minds.

We hope you love the HighRise as much as all our friends and family do."

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Custom content

Holly shit I'm high

~Eric Hastings on Jan 17, 2019

Replacement Parts and Accessories

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