Level up to a smoother smoke.

So good for my asthma when you fill it with ice. Because of this contraption I can smoke dabs again for the first time in years!


I was skeptical, but had to try it. I was blown away. One hit got me higher than any other bong I've tried.


Tried this thing at a High Times event and it blew my mind! So smooth I barely felt it, but I was insanely high. Saving up to buy one!


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Our Challenge: Develop a Better Way to Smoke

"We spent countless hours poring through online forums and articles, researching what modern smokers liked and disliked about various smoking methods. Then we began designing and building. Numerous prototypes, missteps, and re-designs later, we knew we had a product that was going to blow some minds. We think you're going to love it."

— Jeff and Nathan

Dreaming and scheming since '92.
HighRise: 101

Learn how to use the HighRise and its advantages over other bongs. Follow along step-by-step with cannabis crusader and bong connoisseur, Tommy Chong.