HighRise: 101

1. Fill the base of your HighRise with water. (Add ice for extra cooling.)

Unlike regular bongs, you can fill the HighRise with water all the way to the top, thanks to the Riser Valve. More water means more cooling and more filtration, producing a quality hit like no other bong.

2. Light the bowl while pulling up on the draw tube until it reaches the top.

As you pull up on the draw tube, the chamber fills with smoke, thanks to our patented Lung Action Technology. It creates a state of negative pressure that thoroughly combusts the entire bowl, leaving zero wasted bud.

3. Remove the mouthpiece, cover the hole, and push down on the draw tube.

Pushing down on the draw tube forces cool, filtered smoke through the whip. Filtering through a half-gallon of ice water makes one hit from the HighRise feel cleaner, yet more potent, than a hit from any other bong on the market.

4. Sit back, inhale, and repeat as desired.

The HighRise is so efficient, and the hits so concentrated, you’ll effectively get higher with less cannabis! It may even save you money over time!