The HighRise

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The High Rise is the very first bong of its kind.  It combines all the benefits of both water bongs and gravity bongs. That means cool filtered smoke, with powerful hits that are efficient on your stash. The HighRise is designed for a fast burn to inhale time, so say goodbye to stale smoke from your old gravity bong. The draw tube is lifted as the herbs are ignited simultaneously. Using negative pressure, it pulls the smoke down through a oneway valve and up through water/ice. Once the draw tube contains your desired amount of smoke, remove one end of the whip, plug the hole you just created with your finger. Push down on the draw tube while inhaling. repeat, enjoy. The HighRise is a precision engineered tank of a bong. Standing 18.5" tall and 28" when extended. Made from strong 5mm borosilicate glass and high quality food grade silicone.

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